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Lawn Disease Control

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There are many microorganisms in your lawn which are beneficial, aiding in thatch decomposition. However, there are also a few harmful organisms that are a parasitic form of plant life called fungi. Fungi live in the soil, thatch and dead leaves within the lawn all year.
These fungi feed on grass by drawing nutrients from the plant and destroying plant cells in the process. Diseases spread, in the form of spores, throughout your lawn by wind, air, water, and traffic. Disease may re-appear from year to year when certain conditions are favorable. As a general rule, areas that have been prone to disease problems in the past will, at some time, if not yearly, have the same problems again.

Kansas City North, MO disease can range from brown patch and rust to snow mold and dollar spot - click on each link to learn more about the specific disease and potential causes and solutions for each. Disease in turf can be difficult to detect and diagnose. Rely on the knowledge and ability of your Kansas City North, MO Weed Man to diagnose these lawn disease problems.

Once detected and corrected with professionally applied control products, your Weed Man Kansas City North, MO professional can help you adapt your cultural lawn practices to curtail future disease problems.